It’s the year 2134 in the megastate of Europus, and the twelfth year of the Turning Point.

Behind the elegant walls of the royal palace, King Abba rules with the ministers of the Star Chamber over the most technically advanced society in human history.

But the new order is threatened by enemies on all sides, and the king has to send his children away for their very survival. Each of his five children must set off on their own journey of knowledge and adventure. The Seven Songs accompanies each one of the five as they pass through their year of trial and discovery.

In King Abba, discover how the only world the royal children have ever known collapses in chaos and catastrophe.

In Behind the Mountain, escape with Fion and Dream to a remote valley community which becomes their place of refuge. But for how long will they be safe?

In The Voyage of the Kresala, sail with Gentil across the Northern Ocean, through storms and shipwreck, on a secret mission towards a terrifying end.

And what will become of Emerald and Charm? More to follow.

C J Moore

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